Public Contest: First Place

Location: Mompox, Bolívar, Colombia
Design date: 2009
Construction date: 2014
Area: 70.000 sq.m
Estimated project cost: US$16.5 million

With this project for revitalizing the urban center of La Albarrada in Mompox – Bolivar, we seek to articulate environmental, historical, social and cultural variables within a city declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996, located within a highly bio-diverse and amphibious landscape with unique characteristics.

Our general proposal seeks the recovery of the municipality’s waterfront along the Magdalena River with a 2.7 km long intervention on the city’s riverfront, with an approximate area of 180,000 sq.m. and including the Santa Barbara, San Francisco and La Concepción squares. The entire project is part of the Special Management and Protection Plan (PEMP, in Spanish), which defines actions required for guaranteeing the historical center’s protection, conservation and sustainability.

Photography: Sergio Gomez

Imagen Revitalización de la Albarrada de Mompox